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Default Re: One Earth: The Marvel/DC RPG

Originally Posted by Johnny Blaze View Post

"Enough'a this crap", Ben grumbled to himself before he rushed to attack Doom.
"Time ta say 'goodnight', Vic!"

Doom outstretched his hands, etching a rune into the air, and crimson bands suddenly appeared and wrapped around the Thing, bringing the brute crashing to the floor.

As Ben struggled in vain to free himself from the mystical bands, Doom stretched out his hand and loosed an eldritch bolt at the helpless Ben Grimm, intent to kill.
"No!" Sue shouted. She created a protective bubble around Ben that blocked Victor's curse. The feedback from the curse caused Sue to groan in pain and fall to one knee.

While his wife recovered, Reed ran calculations in his head. Victor's magic was a huge variable he couldn't hope to calculate. The rest, though? His friends, the environment, even Victor's mental state, they could all be added up. Reed reached on his belt and crunched numbers on the feasiblity of it all. It would be tricky, but the numbers played out right. Reed activated the teleporter on his 4 logo and just like that, Sue, Ben, and Johnny all disappeared from the room.

"I sent them away," Reed announced to his old friend. "You're right, Victor. No more games, no more barbs and japes. Like it should have always been from the start, its just you and me."

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