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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

With the news of Electro and Rhino, I deserve an edit/repost of my plan.

ASM2 2014
Electro and Rhino
(Electrician employed with Oscorp or otherwise related to Osborn)
(Osborn's robotically enhanced henchman)
Aunt May financial troubles, Peter gets job at Bugle
resolution of Uncle Ben's killer, Spidey kills burglar?
exposition of Norman Osborn, origin of Green Goblin
Midtown High graduation.
Intro: J. Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant, Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn, Mary Jane Watson

ASM3 2016
Green Goblin
(crazed superhuman in costume with glider, no robosuit)
Peter starts college
Death of Gwen Stacy on bridge, defeat/disappearance of Green Goblin
Oscorp defeated
Resolution of Peter Parker's parents/untold story
Origin/Tease Venom
Intro: Eddie Brock

Venom 2017
Spidey dons black suit/symbiote
Eddie Brock takes over black suit
Spidey fights Venom
Spidey and Venom team up VS Carnage
symbiote locked up. Flash Thompson Venom teased.

ASM4 2018
Mysterio and Chameleon
actor and special effects expert crime duo. possibly work for mysterious "Master Planner"
MJ-centric film, showing her acting talents and developing her and Peter's feelings.
Chameleon locked up, Mysterio escapes.

ASM5 2019
Sergei Kravinoff comes to hunt Spidey/avenge brother?
College graduation, finds work (teacher, CSI, w/e)
Tease/Origin Doc Ock
Intro: Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

ASM: Sinister Six 2020 (AG is 36)
Spidey fights Doc Ock alone
Dr. Octavius meets Aunt May

Reveal Doc Ock as Master Planner
Doc Ock leads Sinister Six

Spidey and Black Cat VS ALL
MJ and PP get married (MJ preggers? Tease spider-girl?)

Also, future Venom 2 (Flash Thompson Venom) and Spider-Girl movies would be just fine by me.

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