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Default Re: Should Scientists/Engineers be our leaders?

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
The idea that "leaders" must "lead" may itself be an ideology.

I'm not sure how deeply I buy it, but some scientists contend if everyone is provided for you basically have no crime.

I'm somewhat unconvinced of that.

Rape, for example, is probably a byproduct of our nature. Sometimes I feel like theft and murder are unnatural, and more byproducts of monetary desperation. Humans condition themselves to survive, but with rape, it all goes back to that basic need to procreate. Everyone desires for their genetics to be passed on. And sexual selection in no way favors everyone equally. So there's genetics that want to be passed on, and they don't much care how. So eventually you'd still think there'd be a guy who wants a girl, and she doesn't want him, and he rapes her.

Outside of simulated sex on command, I don't see what science could be to eliminate rape, and even then, I think people would still seek out the real thing.

Also, on top of this, even Democracy and modern secular societies, with good economies can't eliminate rape, and even worse, it goes widely unreported and often events that are legitimate rape are written off by both the attacker and the victim (I was drunk, I agreed to let him in, He's just aggressive, etc...).

Science a Technology based societies like the Venus Project and whatever that other one is, I forget, they all say on the websites and interviews that resource based economies would be "crime free" and have "no need for courts". While I may agree courts aren't always models for justice, I'd need to see a better argument than "crime just goes away". That's a little pie-in-the-sky for me. It's great on paper, but if their wrong then you have a civilization with crimes and no courts. I think that part of the theory should be refined.
Nor can they eliminate murder. Rape isn't anymore "natural" than murder is. In our culture rape and violence are seen as viable options to get what people want.

In both cases there are major cultural forces at play. While there are of course laws against it, and people of course see such actions as totally reprehensible, they are not actually deviant behaviors. Rather they are a superlative version of values our society upholds or otherwise alternative means of carrying out and achieving those values.

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