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Default Re: Should Scientists/Engineers be our leaders?

Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
As a scientist, I say no.

It completely depends on the person. I know scientists who hate the doing of research/benchwork because it's lonely and tedious, and crave management. So those kinds of scientists should be leaders.

Whereas I know other scientists (including my boss, hilariously) who prefer doing research to the machinations of politics. In fact, in a college seminar class that was populated mostly by science majors, it was asked if we went into science to escape politics and almost everyone raised their hands. So there are definitely more loner/introvert scientists than management scientists. And a great majority of the engineers I know (and I'm Asian - I know a lot!) are the loner/introvert sort.
You racist.

Originally Posted by Anita18
Considering how few people go into science (engineering is even worse), if we made a science/engineering background a requirement of our politicians, there simply wouldn't be enough to go around.

I don't think we should require that our leaders be scientists or engineers. But we should require that they TRUST the findings of scientists and engineers. And non-scientists really should keep their grubby hands off science, ie don't teach creationism in a goddamn science class.

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