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Default Re: Should Scientists/Engineers be our leaders?

Originally Posted by redhawk23 View Post
Nor can they eliminate murder. Rape isn't anymore "natural" than murder is. In our culture rape and violence are seen as viable options to get what people want.

In both cases there are major cultural forces at play. While there are of course laws against it, and people of course see such actions as totally reprehensible, they are not actually deviant behaviors. Rather they are a superlative version of values our society upholds or otherwise alternative means of carrying out and achieving those values.
Just because there are laws against it doesn't mean that EVERYONE is gonna follow those laws. Laws and culture do not necessarily go hand in hand. Science cannot fix culture.

And rape is not about sex, unless you're talking about the drunken kind of rape where both parties legally can't consent. Rape is about power over the woman. Rapists go after women they know they can physically dominate. You think a rapist out specifically looking for prey, or a guy who really wants to get some and won't take no for an answer, goes after Gina Carano? Hell no.

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