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Originally Posted by TheAQU4M4N View Post
Can anyone give me spoilers description of the episode, in spoiler tags please so others won't get offended.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
-The guy who was part of the crew who murdered Dexter's mother gets paroled which makes Dexter happy because he gets to kill him. So when Dexter is about to do it he finds out LaGuerta pushed for him to be released to see what Dexter would do. However Dexter escapes along with the guy while LaGuerta finds the kill room.

-Deb gets into car accident and Dexter finds out her water was filled with drugs that caused her to blackout. Dexter thinking it was Hannah's doing gives Deb the pen laced with poison that killed writer so Deb finally has evidence to arrest Hannah. Many speculate Deb OD herself to get Dex to act on it.

-Most importantly of all Quinn's stripper girlfriend left him.



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