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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
Dont you take into account that FC is the very first movie? it seems you dont really take into account all the factors than influence a sequel boxoffice. too optimistic would be to expect 800 millions. but to expect 500 millions 3 years later than the original movie, with tickets prize increase, the GREAT critics of FC, the cast getting more fame, and the hype for the sequel...

I mean... do you really think 500 millions is a hard achieve in the industry current state? You are underestimating the potential of FC. honestly.

Batman begins wasnt a big success, and take a look at its sequel. X1 wasnt a big success, take a look at the results of X2. Its a pattern. A great first comicbook movie will lead to a better sequel money wise. So why to be negative? Its pointless, with all the respect, psylock.
No its not the first movie, its the fifth movie in the X-Men series even if its a prequel or a spin-off. And compare to Batman Begins, this isn't a reboot but a prequel. And these days, its not easy to achieve 200 million at the domestic box-office. Even though there are couple of big movies this year, so far only 10 movies has yet to surpass the 200 million mark and last year, there were only 7 movies.

There's a possibility for Days of Future Past being huge because of the original cast appearing in the movie. It would probably earn at least 200 million at the domestic box-office and 500 million at the worldwide box-office. But if they decided to make another First Class movie after this one without the cast from the original trilogy, FOX would lose the momentum. Casual viewers are more interested with the original cast/present timeline/X4 thats why I think after this movie, they should move forward with the original cast instead of making another X-Men movie that will showcase events/happenings that already happened in the past. And I'm not being negative and being pointless, I'm just being realistic and I have valid reasons for the things that I'm posting.

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