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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Polaris might be a good option for the 60s team in DoFP. Through her perception of the earth's magnetic fields, and any disruptions to it, she could help track down Magneto and would also be able to track and anticipate Azazel's teleportation (as Magneto did when he first encountered Nightcrawler in the comics). They could make her powers more visible, such as energy bolts.

The only problem would be the similarity to Magneto - and there will already be two versions of Magneto in the film.
I don't think they will include Polaris in DOFP but incase they make another First Class. I imagine they would include Polaris in the cast as a love interest for Havok. And I don't think the similarity to Magneto's power would be hinder her chances being in the movie. Just look at Professor X and Emma Frost. They just have to make her powers look a little different. According to her Wikipedia page, her current powers are:
Celestial technology restored her x-gene after M-Day giving her the ability to manipulate electromagnetic energies, waves, and fields allowing flight, force-fields, concussive blasts and the manipulation of ferrous metals.
They could give her force fields and concussive blasts and I don't think Magneto already showcased those in the movies.

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