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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

I don't get why FC2 would lose momentum...,

That's like saying Marvel is losing momentum because they going solo with Iron Man 3 and Thor TDW, instead of making Avengers 2 first.

Whether FOX make a X4 or XFC2 I'm sure its not going to Top DOFP, because its an event film. Because its connecting two franchises. Sure box office numbers shows us that more people turned up for X3 then XFC, but those knows numbers doesn't show people's affinity to either one of those films.

Many people consider XFC to be the best XM film, and a lot of people might have not watched it on the big screen. They might have only watched it when it was available to rent/buy or played on TV after hearing how good it was.

Having the OT cast and XFC cast together in one film, will bring in larger audiences, and for those people that haven't watched XFC and only watched the OT, DOFP will convince them to go back and check it out.

I still think DOFP will allow OT stars to get a proper send off, as the franchise moves forward with the FC cast.

The way I see it the end of XFC3 will not lead into X1, if the OT timeline leads to DOFP then the present and future would be changed. So that Singer can arrange the next films without worrying about continuation issues.

And regarding FF we don't know what's happening with the film, Josh Trank really wants do his own thing with that film, yes it will probably set in the same universe as the X-Men but all that really means is that mutants would be part of that world as well, I don't think we would get any X-Men crossing into that franchise.

Trank might think its cool to have FF set in the 80's or rather show the FF has been around for sometime, and add Valeria and Franklin to the family, this could allow a connection to Xavier's School since they are mutants. (Just because its a reboot it doesn't automatically mean that it HAS to do the origin story again.)

By doing that they could even add the idea that Reed Richards and Xavier were good friends, with a friendship that started in the late 80's while Reed was in College or something.

Then when u watch XFC3 they could even have a real small role for Reed in the film whereby he visits the school with Beast and Xavier who share some knowledge with him about mutantation, and all that other science stuff, and its this meeting that drives him to his little space adventure.

Ps just my little example of how FF can connect to XM both in the past, present and doesn't have to be too in your face like SHIELD was in all the MCU films.

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