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Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
pretty much DIRECTOR dont be so guillible you also freaked out when promo showed dexter slitting masuka's throat lol
that is the thing, it's not about being gulliable, its about the things in the promo that is shown that was plausible is not implausible.

For example, read below, possible spoilers

Promo scene : Doakes showing up
Reality : Because the promo showed Doakes, we knows it's a hallucination or maybe a memory.

Promo scene : Dexter in handcuffs
Reality : Because the promo show him in handcuffs, we know for sure that he won't be in handcuffs at the end of the episode, something has to happen where he is freed. Or it could be another hallucination.

Promo scene : Hanna on Dexter's table
Reality : Because we see that scene, we know Dexter will not kill Hanna. This is where Deb phones Dexter telling him that it was Deb that overdosed herself to frame Hanna

Promo scene : Possible Dexter capturing Laguerta
Reality : Probably not going to happen since they showed it. So, either it's not Laguerta or somebody else.

The problem with that promo is that because it showed so many sequences that I thought would happen will not happen now since they show it in the promo. It's always the case with Dexter promos, they show scenes, which aren't spoilers, but diversions.

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