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Default Re: Darkseid is the Villain in Justice League

Originally Posted by thorstone View Post
Perhaps we need to approach Darkseid in reverse.

Darkseid has two sons; and if either appear in the JL film, they will be played by men in costumes. Darkseid, like his sons, was once fleshy and human in appearance. The Omega Force made him look monsterous, but it did not change him into a nine foot tall special effect.

Doomsday is a massive special effects creature. Darkseid is not.
Darkseid has three sons if you count Grayven.

Orion will look human, but Kalibak will require prostethics and CGI for his look. He needs to be a beast. I think Darkseid needs to be taller than any human could possibly be, and larger as well. Personally, I'd like a mixture of protethics and CGI for him too.
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