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Default Re: New characters you want to see in the First Class sequel?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Since I saw the episodes of The Animated Series that featured Time Traveling and Days of Future Past. Cable, Bishop and Forge would fit in right away to the story of this movie. Forge could build a time machine with the help of his mutant power. With Bishop, we know that he came from a dystopian future with mutants being hunted and killed so they could his story on this movie. Then with Cable, I don't really know his story but he had a couple of storylines in the comics/cartoons that had to do with time-travel.

But I don't think FOX could introduce all of them in just 1 movie. The cast of this movie is already huge and I don't think they will bring a lot of mutants that we haven't seen before in the X-Men movies. I think we would be fortunate to get 1 of those three in the movie.
Your focusing too much on Animated series.The film will have elments of oirginal comic version and new Ideas according to Bryan Singer himself.

If Rogue(or less likely Kitty) or Wolverine actully physically travels back In
time then I can Imagine Forge In small role.But I can safely say I don't see
Bishop or Cable as time traveler.I seriously doudt Cable will be In this film.If
Bishop Is In film It would be small role In future possibly working with Wolverine and most likely Rogue.

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