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Default Re: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - Screencap Thread

Originally Posted by delta888 View Post
This might not be the right place, but could someone post or pm me a screenshot of the shot of the two police cars in front of the stock exchange. I recently got the license plates for the car on the right. This is a shot of the doorway right before Bane and his men ride out. You can clearly see the plates on the fronts of the two patrol cars. Many thanks.

Originally Posted by Szekely View Post
Can anyone get a few screencaps of the young Ra's Al-Ghul finding Bane in the prison? It's during the scene in which Talia is revealing her secret after stabbing Bruce. I'm trying to get a look at his costume. I can't get high quality screenshots myself at the moment.

Originally Posted by culver3vlr22 View Post
I'd love some screen caps of catwoman anything lol I just wanna get a portait of her tattooed on me and I'd love some shots to pick. I'd really love it. Please and thank you
Hope these are good enough.

Originally Posted by Bane. View Post
Anyone got a screen of Bane holding Bats above his head just before the break?

The way his cape hangs is pretty epic

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