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Default Re: The Wrestling Thread will give you all the stuffing you can handle

Originally Posted by Dr. Evil View Post
I got mine on Thursday. This past Thursday.

I was told on another site that Mike Tyson would not be available for me until 90 days after the game was released. I don't know if that is true.

To make my rosters as accurate to real life as it can be, I've downloaded a bunch of CAWS of Current WWE Superstars except for those who will be in DLC 3: Sandow, Cesaro, The Usos and Layla. I've used the CAW spaces to form somewhat of a NXT roster and an ECW Roster (using CAWS of WWE announcers and backstage personnel that were on Community Creations, although I have just added Yoshi Tatsu and John Cena 2004 to ECW)
How many days has it been since October 30th?

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