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Default Re: Does Bane being a PURELY physical threat hamper him as a villain?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Christopher Nolan said it best when he said Ra's al Ghul represented the religious leader of sorts, Joker represents the anarchist and Bane represents the militant tyrant, which the last is always the hardest to try to develop but I feel Bane is developed perfectly enough as this physical threat but also this intellectual man.
I'm not sure what makes Bane so intelligent. All his plans rely on the stupidity of his foes/enemies rather than his own brilliance.

Note: The below are not meant to be plotholes. My point is to show that Bane really isn't all that brilliant and a lot of his plan sacrifices logic for spectacle

Plane Heist: The CIA is comprised of some of the most paranoid individuals on Earth. You're telling me they let men on their own plane without checking their identities first?

The plane heist is also stupid for a couple of other reasons, why would the CIA not suspect foul play with the way the plane was blown up? Random halves of the plane show up miles and miles away from each other and no one is suspicious?

The Stock Market: Why would no one be suspicious of a simultaneous terrorist attack and bankrupting of the most powerful/rich man in the city? How would Bruce have no way to prove that the stock market thing was a fraud?

Gordon sending the whole police department down in to the sewers is just stupid. I'm not even going to go over why, common sense should tell most people why

And no, this is not a pedantic attempt to try to find plotholes. But I never saw the intelligence/strategic genius that Nolan keeps saying Bane is supposed to possess. Yes he is very articulate and a great speaker, but beyond that the success of his plans are more due to the stupidity of his enemies than his actual intelligence.

Note: I know it's coming, so I'll upfront admit that a lot of the Joker's plans were somewhat questionable. But they never eschewed logic so prominently as they did with Bane's. Also, the Joker is not the most logical of characters to begin with while Bane is supposed to be precises and a mastermind

That five month plan has got to be one of the worst villainous plans I've ever seen in a movie

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