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Default Re: Does Bane being a PURELY physical threat hamper him as a villain?

Bane is hardly just a physical threat in this film. i thought the way he was written and performed to be this incredibly charismatic character who uses this to his advantage to really make Bruce and Gotham suffer. I also do think it was implied through some dialogue and the basic backstory that Bane had resentment toward both Bruce and Ra's for having cast him out while having chosen Bruce as his heir. Bruce shows he's not a true believer and betrays them. This layer permeates throughout both Bane and Talia's plan to be incredibly hurtful about their revenge, ultimately leading to their own demise just as had almost defeated Bruce. He had wanted to hurt the criminal world as he did by the end of TDK and begining of TDKR with the Dent act, but ultimately realizes the key is not in hurting, but in inspiring hope. Kind of like the idea in Looper about breaking the cycle of pain in order to move on. Bane is such a great foil, and this information is used to challenge Bruce both physically and mentally throughout this film, so it's a bit bizarre to see him characterized as a "purely" physical threat. He's definitely the most physical threat, but he's still more than that. While Joker challenged his moral code by being the opposite of Bruce, Bane presents another type of challenge by essentially being the Bruce Ra's had wanted him to be, and presenting Bruce with a dark mirror.

His motivation for wanting to destroy Gotham is the same as the rest of the characters - when he was young he was deeply affected by the conditions of his life (being stuck in a prison from a young age). Much of what Bane and Talia say throughout the film has to do with the unjust distribution of wealth and power. The sentencing hearing, as said by Crane, is sentencing those who have unjustly used power over those with less power than themselves. Ra's' reasonings for adopting the teachings of the LOS had to do with the sadness over the loss of a loved one. Bane's had to do with the condition of his upbringing, and being initially brought in by Ra's and his group until being cast out. In this way, Bane is actually alot like Blake, and Talia is more like Bruce. Bane and Blake were, from an early age, in a situation that made them seek out justice. But Bane's methods came from the LOS, and Blake's came from the Batman. Ra's, Talia and Bruce's desire for justice came from the pain of the loss of a loved one. It ultimately is Bruce's goal to inspire somebody like Blake to adopt his code for seeking justice by inspiring hope rather than through destruction and vengeance. Some very well thought out stuff.

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