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Default Re: New characters you want to see in the First Class sequel?

Originally Posted by Mad Ones View Post
If the future is an alt. future or one that will be changed by the end of the movie I want a whole bunch of cameos. I'd like to see the New Mutants. It would be awesome to see Cannonball blast through a Sentinel.
I definetly would love to see some cameos on the movie, specially in the future.
Id like to see a few on prisions, that would bring such a great scene, and they dont need to have dialogue at all, just to see two or three mutants that will be familiar to all of comic fans, I think we would be pleased.

And then, I wouldnt mind one or two cameos during the scenes of the x-men, one could talk with any of the leads and then leave to something outthere, and other could be killed in front of the x-men, to bring an emotional impact for the alive x-men. BUT this cameo shouldnt be a mayor character from the comics, at least I wouldnt like to see one of the fan favourites from the comics to appear and get killed in 3 seconds.

Just a character from New x-men, animated series or something like that.

And if there has to be a big death on the future, Id preffer it to happen later in the movie, not just in the very beggining. This way the impact on the audience would be even more emotional.

just my thoughts

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