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Default Re: 100% Achievement Completions

Originally Posted by ProjectPat2280 View Post
Haha deff not. I couldnt care less about em most of the time. If i can't get them all in just my standard playthroughs of a game, i generally dont go out of my way to try. A lot of times i find it dilutes the experience. You end up playing the same section over and over again and it becomes boring. I feel like its the same as watching the same section of a movie over and over. But i typically approach games the same way i approach a movie. Im in it for the story. Every time i sit down to play an Uncharted or a Halo, i play it to experience the story. No matter how many times iv seen the cutscenes i dont skip them.
I think it's more to do with the fact that most games have a fair number of achievements that are badly designed. If they aren't adding to your enjoyment of the game then they're doing something wrong. For a start they should not be missable forcing you to do multiple full extra campaigns just because you did one minor thing wrong or missed one collectable (Replay Mission options help with this). Everyone's first playthrough should be directed to focus on the story and learning the gameplay rather than penalising those who don't look up an achievement guide beforehand.

The perfect game allows you to get everything you want out of a campaign without looking at the list and then as you are thinking of moving on the *fun of the remaining achievements should draw you back in. Even better if they can be completed after beating the main story in the same save file to encourage exploring other parts of the game world/optional side quests that aren't covered in the main story.

I do love the little notification that pops up when ya unlock one tho. I also hate it when you think you have unlocked an achievement but its just your stupid friends signing on.
Yup. Even worse when you are trying for something notoriously difficult/glitchy and idiots keep signing on at the exact moment you expect to get the achievement. Eg the Halo: Reach "If You Came To Hear Me Beg" achievement. I was pretty close to inviting those friends who signed on when I was trying to get that into the party and telling them to F off in a, lets say very aggressive manner

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