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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

Originally Posted by M-2 View Post
Alright alright!! I think this convo is getting nowhere lets agree to disagree...

Who do u want the focus to in DOFP Angamb and psylockolussus? Regardless if we get XFC2 and X4.

For us to get the best DOFP who should be the main focus? I personally think the best way to tell the story, would be through Prof X and Magento both incarnations of the characters.

I think having the film reveal there constrasting attitudes, beliefs, ideologies and motivations could be quite interesting.
agree about the first comment. We should continue that convo on boxoffice thread, not here.

about the focus....

I think Charles and Eric has had enough focus on four x-men movies to date, so Id put the focus on the a whole team, and taking into account the storyarc, Id say the 60's x-men, with the time traveler. Those four or five characters should share the most screentime. With Charles and Eric of course with great roles.

And I know what some fans will say know, James and Michael are bigger actors.. yes, they are, but this is a team movie, so I think the screentime should be shared between all of them, since they had more screentime on FC. So.. the lead in my opinion should be the 60's x-men, Charles and Eric. (with no real lead)

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