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Default Re: Amazing Spidey Video Game Thread. - - - - - - Part 15

Personally I love the new combat system found in ASM and I really hope that Beenox keeps it for the next game. Adding a few more combos to the mix on top of that system would be awesome but I would prefer to keep the free flow based combat.

Someone on a another forum posted a neat idea to include more ways to use the webbing. First, this requires the removal of the 'Web Rush Retreat' (L1) which is something I felt really didn't need to be included anyway. If you needed a quick escape all you had to do is enter the Slow-mo Web Rush (Hold R1) and you could pick a perch point to move out of harms way. So, basically the control scheme for the webbing would be something like this:

L1 + Triangle = Weapon disarm
L1 + Square = Create a web net either for defensive or offensive moves
L1 + X = Web shot to face to blind enemies
L1 + Circle = web multiple enemies at the same time

And of course, Circle would still be used for standard web shots.

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