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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Tom continues to drop very interesting quotes in his interviews...

starts talking Thor 2 at about 2:08

I'm trying to think of things I can say without ruining it... I mean they go back a long way those two, Thor and Loki they have a very complex and interesting relationship and they're both still alive and still capable of feeling things... What I'm really excited by is it's not, what we've done this time is you haven't seen this before. You really haven't. Not in Thor and not in Avengers. It's a new thing.
Now maybe he's referring to the movie in general and not the Thor - Loki relationship specifically, but it seems like he is referring to Thor-Loki due to the rest of the quote. And what have we not seen before with these two? We've certainly seen them fight plenty of times both in the movies and the comics. So it does seem like we will be maybe seeing them working together, maybe mending that relationship some (whether that will last, will have to wait and see, but it seems like this may be on the table for this film) - which goes somewhat along with Lawden's spoiler about them working together, even if the Italy footage indicated otherwise.

Thor 2 talk starts at about 1:00

Interviewer: Can we look forward to some tussles with Chris and Christopher Eccleston and you allying with Christopher Eccleston the doctor himself as he was.
Tom: I couldn't possibly commit on either side of that line. Um, but Loki's the Norse God of Mischief and therefore capable of guile and deception and manipulation and charm and provocation. So yeah he's got his firecrackers out for sure.
Hmmm... but which side will he be tossing those firecrackers at? LOL Probably both. But seriously again in the context of the question, it seems likely he may be using at least some of that guile etc on Malekith (which is something I supposed early on anyway).

From the news thread...

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
yeah, it's reallty confusing lol. I really can't see anyone besides surtur, or someone on surturs level being able to kill him. I mean, it doesn't matter who, but odin is THAT powerful that he shouldn't be killed by ANYONE who is that significant below him in power, which would be just about everyone in the mcu. Odin and surtur are galaxy busters in their own right.
A question on this, Laufey tried to kill Odin with an icicle. TWICE. Do you think he would have tried if he knew he could not succeed? Wouldn't you think he'd know if he wasn't powerful enough to take Odin out? I dont think he was that powerful in the MCU (especially without the casket). I think we have to keep in mind that MCU Odin, like most of the other characters, are just not as powerful as they are in the comics. A few, like Malekith, it seems are significantly more powerful than their comic book versions.

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