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Default Re: Amazing Spidey Video Game Thread. - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by Maximum Spider! View Post
Resorting to mechanical enemies, robots and stuff was weak. I can't believe they couldn't come up with human enemies, with Spidey's rogue gallery being so vast!
Nearly every boss battle has Spidey facing a mindless enemy or a feral beast.
Props to them for including some villain cameos (Mr. Negative's one comes to mind) but still that came off more like a tease to me and it felt frustrating. Gimme human villains to beat up!
I do agree that Beenox should have created some more interesting boss fights however ASM was a licensed game and there was a ton of red tape. I read a great article on the difficulties that they had with the production of this game and the number one issue was the wait time. All the villains had to be preapproved by both Sony and Marvel as well as their back stories and designs. Beenox would come up with an idea and then have to wait for an answer back from both Sony and Marvel. According to that article there was a lot of downtime waiting for those two to agree on an idea and give the go-ahead to Beenox to start the production on whichever choices they made. However, with all that downtime Beenox was able to create the very awesome WebRush mode and was something that they spent a lot of time creating; going thru several iterations and almost decided to cut it from the game at one point.

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