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Default Re: 85th Annual Academy Awards (2013)

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
Well to be clear, I said "probably," putting it not much higher than those others in my mind at the moment. And I think where we fundamentally differ on it is that I didn't think the technique was overdone in trying to make the story interesting, I thought it succeeded in making the story interesting. I'm not a Tolstoy fan, so forgive me for the oversimplification of such a highly-regarded classic novel, but Anna Karenina as a story is one big soap opera to me. Of course there are bigger themes at work and all, but when it comes to the characters, I've never cared about them or their plight in any adaptation. But when you really emphasize the context of it like this technique did, take it out of Tolstoy's "realist" mode and intentionally paint these characters more as larger-than-life archetypes than naturalistic human beings, it really brought out the high tragedy of it all for me, and got me involved in the same way I get involved with fairy tales and some Shakespeare adaptations.

It also managed to give the Levin/Kitty relationship its due, something no adaptation I've seen has done. And of course, I couldn't help but marvel at the technical achievement. Bringing the story to life in this way was one hell of an undertaking from every single department of the production. I wanted to stand up and applaud them all by the end of it, lol.

But yes, like you, I'm still waiting to be swept off my feet by one of these front runners. The buzz and clips from Les Miz and Django are suggesting to me that it might not be them (though I'm still expecting to enjoy the hell out of Django), so I'm really crossing my fingers for ZDT now.
Huh. You make a fair point. Still, I think while it is a melodrama, it only works if you believe the characters. By making it so artificial, it only brought into clarity more how quickly Anna and Vronsky were destroying their lives. Beyond that it made me view them as not real people, thus not really caring about the drama which drives the second half of the film.

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