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Default Re: Does Bane being a PURELY physical threat hamper him as a villain?

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Quoted for truth.

Ehhh there was like a hundred barrels rigged to blow up. No bomb squad guy could be reached and then get through a hundred barrels in the 15 minutes they had to blow each other up.

A funeral for a public servant like the police Commissioner is always gonna be held in the open city for the people to mourn him.

That chopper was flying at the same height all the way down the street over the armored car mon ami. The J-man just had his guys set up the trap a few feet ahead of it. Simples.

What makes ya think Joker didn't have other ideas to grab a hostage beside grabbing a Cop guarding him? He could have got anyone to come into that room for any diff reasons. Toilet call. Pretend he was sick after Batman beat the hell outta him. Creative sneaky mind like his woulda had no probs there.
You're making excuses for one and condemning another. How about telling us how the Joker got a hospital wired to explode on every floor, including doorframes, when it's open and full of people 24/7? Or how come GCPD had nobody on call near either location where Rachel and Harvey were held? If the city is in a state of emergency, why not hold the memorial by City Hall which has a clearing?

It is hypocrisy to hold the realism of the movies at different standards.

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