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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Jon said:
Originally Posted by jaqua99
yeah, it's reallty confusing lol. I really can't see anyone besides surtur, or someone on surturs level being able to kill him. I mean, it doesn't matter who, but odin is THAT powerful that he shouldn't be killed by ANYONE who is that significant below him in power, which would be just about everyone in the mcu. Odin and surtur are galaxy busters in their own right.
Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
A question on this, Laufey tried to kill Odin with an icicle. TWICE. Do you think he would have tried if he knew he could not succeed? Wouldn't you think he'd know if he wasn't powerful enough to take Odin out? I dont think he was that powerful in the MCU (especially without the casket). I think we have to keep in mind that MCU Odin, like most of the other characters, are just not as powerful as they are in the comics. A few, like Malekith, it seems are significantly more powerful than their comic book versions.
Laufey was fairly certain he could succeed because Odin was in the Odinsleep. Odin not in the Odinsleep, from what I read and to hear Jon, BigThor, and everyone else talk about it, is fearsomely powerful. That's one element that baffles me about this film. How is it that Odin can't protect Frigga, can't help Thor travel to other realms and/or recruit help, etc.? Surely they won't put him in Odinsleep *again*. So he must be incapacitated. But what is capable of incapacitating such a powerful being??

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