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Default Re: General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
What you just said was just speculation. There's no 'facts' here, man. Again, why would Mace return? And he's not a great character. He got some attention because was...Sam Mother Fer Jackson.

If Christopher Lee or Jake Lloyd was asked if they wanted to be in the new trilogy, and they said yes, even if it's impossible, impractical, contrived or not even likely, I can image a small bunch of fans trying to intensely explain their return. While it's fun and all, let's be a little realistic here...Are we serving these actors because of publicity or do we want to serve the story and make it good. Let's not go "How can we fit so-and-son into the movie' because that was one of the many faults of the PT.

Jimmy Smits even through his hat in, and I was like "Come On!". The only actor I can think of who is open to return is Ewan McGregor. I can only see him returning as an old Obi-Wan in make-up due to the fact that Alec is gone.
I never did say they were facts. Its pure speculation the same as those speculating he was hit by speeders and killed. We didnt see him die. We saw him flung out a window. That is all we saw. That doesn't mean he is dead. We all thought darth maul was dead but he wasnt. Unless we actually see someone die they arent 100% dead, and even then in this universe they can still return.

Also jake loyd cant return because Hayden is Anikan's force ghost and we DID actually see Dooku die and because he is a sith he cant possibly come back as a force ghost. Mace's character has room to return if they wish to do so.

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