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Default Re: Should The Wolverine be in 3D?

I will see it in 3D for sure.
For me most movies in the theater look ok in 3D. But at home on my tv they look exceptional. Avengers was a good 3D flick,but at home it looked much better. Their is certainly a difference between theaters as well. I watched Avengers 3D at two different places.
My local theaters 3D was good,but down by the mall it looked much clearer.

For what it's worth though,for me the best all around 3D films i've seen have been Imax 3D films. Rescue 3D and Ultimate Wave Tahiti in many ways put everything else i've seen to shame in the 3D department.

I thought about picking up Titantic 3D tommorow just because I hear how great the 3D looks. (and because it melts my heart )

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