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Default Re: General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by Marvolo View Post
Oh very true but I wouldnt be one of them because in most cases it is irrational or has no grounds, but in this case if a director wanted to bring the character back there is room to do so.
"Jake Lloyd could come back, because another vergence in the force coems up, because I don't read the novels and think that it just happened. so when it happens, it just happens to come out like another Anakin, because its the prophecy repeating itself to try and work better this time!"

Yeah...I can see someone out there defending something like that. Even as a prequel defender for the most part, I couldn't take BS like that. I remember back in my SW fan fiction days, reading a story where the Force revived an Episode 3 era Anakin during Luke's middle aged days because of a rise of the Sith or something, and despite being well written, any justification like this to bring back a charcter completely established dead I feel is stupid. And I'm not a fan of the clone idea either, because if it is an Anakin clone, it IS NOT Anakin (it might be Annaakin though ), and its a cheap way out.


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