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Default Re: Greatest Composer of a Batman Film!?

I decided to respond to two users' comments from TDKR score thread here b/c the Zimmer fanboys will call me a troll if I post something negative or if I disagree with their opinion on Zimmer's batscores.

Originally Posted by CapedCrusader14 View Post
I prefer Zimmer's work over Elfman's. Elfman's Main Theme is Iconic, but the rest (besides Descent Into Mystery and Childhood Remembered) always fell flat to me.

I prefer the simplicity of the main theme in these films (the rising two notes), as well as the big hero motif that plays when Batman shows up (like when Batman returns in Rises). The general power, beauty and emotion of his and JNH's work has had such a huge impact on me.
That's fine you believe TDK trilogy scores are better than Elfman's two bat scores, but to call his scores "flat". Come on. I recommend you check out this book:

It delves into Elfman's Batman 89 score and proves that it really adds depth to the film and narrative. It should prove too you that the score is far from "flat". It's an execellent book and I recommend it to anyone who's an Elfman fan, Batman fan, score fan, or a fan of the film (or actual score) itself. Hopefully you'll appreciate the score more after reading this book if you decide to do so.

Originally Posted by JTStarkiller View Post
I've always felt that Zimmer's work far surpasses Elfman's. Elfman's theme is great, don't get me wrong, and it is indeed iconic as others have mentioned, but I think on a dramatic level it isn't as deep or complex. Zimmer's Batman theme takes me onto a psychological journey into the character of Bruce. It more clearly defines who he is as a person and what he means as a symbol. It's much more personal.
Again I'm gonna recommend to you like I did CapedCrusader14 the book Danny Elfman's Batman A Film Score Guide. It'll prove that the score is more deep and complex than you think. The track "Descent Into Mystery" as well as the scene itself is about getting inside Batman's head. The scene is basically Vicki getting inside Batman's head. The music reflects that. That's why later in the film when Vicki returns to the batcave and asks bruce "why wont he let her in" Bruce responds to her "you got in".The book goes into great detail into every scene that features the Elfman's score. And how it reflects and enhances the scene. If only they made a book that got in to the score of Batman Returns. Which is even more "complex", "deep", and "personal" than the B89 score, imo.

Btw, I doubt in the future they'll ever publish a book that gives an in depth look into the scores of TDK trilogy. If so I highly doubt it'll be as interesting as the book I mentioned above, imo.

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