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Default Re: "The Walking Dead" General Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post
Why does it have to be either? She pretty much thought she lost her husband twice-over, she was alone in an earth-shattering situation, probably losing even more people that she loved than we even know about. And throughout all this, a man she's known for years and who loved her husband almost as much as she did is working his as off to protect her and her son, as if they were his own wife and child. He was doing what her husband couldn't, because in her mind, she was never going to see her husband again, so she sought comfort in him.

Believe me, I see the faults in Lori and Shane as much as anybody, but anyone who gets high and mighty about this is full of it. It's a situation none of us will probably ever know. No one knows what the hell they are going to do in that new world, nor do they know who they'll become.
I completely agree, great post.

Lori isn't a very likable character, but I think a lot of hate directed her way is unfounded (somewhat similar to how the Breaking Bad community hates Skylar, though to a lesser extent).

Originally Posted by Scarecrow_King View Post
I don't blame Lori for banging Shane. I just blame her for being a ***** about it.
However, this is my exact attitude about the whole situation as well. It's like she channeled all of her guilt into hatred directed at Shane. Of course, then Shane became a mustache-twirling villain, so...

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