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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by redfirebird2008 View Post
Hobbit getting mediocre reception won't hurt. Les Mis getting mediocre reception also won't hurt. I still think Skyfall is more likely to get the Oscar "blockbuster spot." AFI is likely counting Skyfall as a British film instead of American film, so they didn't include it in their list. Funny thing is Skyfall is just as American as TDKR (both funded by Hollywood).

When it comes time to do Oscar nominations, there is a pretty big contingency of British Academy voters who will likely support Skyfall. TDKR is not likely to have the same kind of support from American Academy voters. Neither film stands a good chance of getting nominated, but I would give Skyfall the better odds.
Which is ironic seeing as TDKR might be more of a british film than skyfall. I mean when you count its director and cast it's chock full of brits. Although Bond does have a role in the hearts of brits that's hard to compare to.

Still there has never been a bond nominated before in 50 years and i don't think the bond brand is something that people associate at all with the oscars. Hell i think CR was better than skyfall and it had no oscar buzz at all.

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