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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Yes, that's right. And now that you mention it, I remember CherokeeSam had suggested such a plot development, too.

The other possible plot device I can think of is "dark magic". If Odin used it to conjure Thor to Earth, maybe it weakens him. Does that sound plausible given how any such "dark magic" is established in 616 and given Odin's abilities?

It doesn't seem like there are many plot devices that can manage to weaken Odin.
Not too sure about that. But in 616 Odin sending Thor to another realm most definitally should not weaken him.

I really hope there won't be a weakened Odin. Whenever Surtur shows up, I think we will finally get a good display of Odin's destructive power.

I mean, there HAS to be plot to keep Odin fom solving all the issues himself. But just cause there is PIS, doesn't mean Odin IS far more powerful than everyone introduced. I mean, he stripped Thor of his powers, that's a pretty damn powerful feat

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