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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

Exactly.This film Is sequel to both first Class and eather the bryan Singer films or X-Men trilogy.Fox and the producers knew that It Is more profitable to do film with original
films cast.Even though First Class was sold as the back story of Xavier and Magneto It still Is lowest grossing film worldwide In series.The foreign Box office Is reason the first
Class cast Is contuning.If The Wolverine outgrosses First Class domesticly(which I am counting on happening) that will be another sign they need original trilogy actors.

I still think Wolverine as time traveler Is still a possibilty If Hugh Jackman Is willing to commit to a large role.When Origins making so much money yet It Is regarded as worst
film In series that says audences will pay to see him as Wolverine.X2 regarded as best In series had good balance of characers.X2 always seemed to me as true ensemble film.While we can say Cyclops was shortchanged we can say Bryan Singer can handle ensemble cast.During the large climax Wolverine was mostly dealing with his past while
the others stopped Stryker's and later Magneto's plans.

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