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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by Silver Lantern View Post
I like joker, penguin and others like the most of people who has seen the characters but all I see is people who vote for the same thing that we have already seen in movies. Joker has been used twice in movies, penguin is used already, catwoman is done to death and freeze is great and could be redone better. We need to see a villain or couple villains that has not been used in a movie I would like to see:

Mr. Freeze (Used yes but a much better, darker version that Arnold campy type)
Killer Croc (a mutated circus beast used to entertain)
Ventriliquist (A child kidnapper and killer who turns kids into puppets)
Evil Batman (My idea, a man with the same look, fighting, gadgets, cave, vehicle as
batman but a evil person to take him out, another rich tycoon)
Mad Hatter (Creepy, controlling)
Hugo Strange (A cameo only)

I like all batman villains but it is getting tiresome seeing the same villains over and over again on animated, live movies, etc lets get some variety. No Wonder why DC is failing its using the same thing over and over.
Everybody from Nolans trilogy need a nice long break. I disagree with the Penguin comment because he hasn't been done justice. Besides him, i agree with ur comments.

Strange could make a solid secondary villain. Both MadHatter and Ventriloquist can be done in a extremely disturbing way. Child abductions, etc. Really horrifying stuff. Not main villain status though.

Riddler is obvious but a good choice because it brings out the detective side of Batman and he's very marketable AND we've only seen the goofy side of Nigma over the years on film. A serious, dark, less gimmicky version would be great.

Killer Croc needs that skin condition but they dont need to get into the Lizard territory with him or Man-Bat. Even the sewer settings is not necessary. We've seen it with Penguin (Burton) and Bane (Nolan) and now in the latest Spider-Man. We need the huge black thug who perhaps is rumored around Gotham as a cannibal or something drastic like that. But it's just a part of his legend and nothing more. If Barsad was Bane's right hand man...almost like a Deadshot type character who aids the monstrous boss, then Killer Croc can be the monstrous right-hand man for a less physical lead villain. Like Nygma or Cobblepot or Sionis. A bodyguard to Strange works as well.

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