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Default Re: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Part 2

Originally Posted by Samwise Gamgee View Post
In the original reveal trailer there was an ice beam attacking Flash. Odds are this is Captain Cold since he is a well-known ice based Flash villain. That said, I can't help but wonder what kind of fan reaction there would be though if this turns out to be Mr. Freeze, Sub Zero, or someone else. Personally I like Mr. Freeze the best and would be happy to see him.

For some other ice based contenders see Robot Chicken DC Comics special (3:20 - 5:10):
Well they did say that story revelance would play a factor into a character's inclusion and I honestly see Captain Cold fitting in moreso that Freeze as he's the leader of the Rogues. I also think if Freeze were in, he'd end up being slow and clunky because of his suit.

And IMO, all the mainstream DC heroes in the game should have a respective villain. Captain Cold would be perfect for Flash. Batman already has Joker, Harley, and Catwoman(if you count her as a villain). Superman will most definitely have Lex and probably Darkseid. Wonder Woman could have either Circe or Ares. Green Lantern could have Sinestro. And Aquaman(if he's in which I'm sure he is) could have Black Manta.

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