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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Disagree. While I enjoyed Skyfall, and it is the best looking Bond movie, the plot is pretty thin. Silva lets himself get caught by Bond what again? Implant a virus in MI6 he could anyway? To sneak into London to get to M at Parliament, which he could have done anyway without MI6 knowing he was there or who he was (and thereby failing to stop him)? Then the third act while entertaining tries to feel profound, but it is just the same third act as Straw Dogs--either version--or even Home Alone where Bond fails to stop Silva.

Casino Royale, while having a very flabby first act (great opening sequences in Prague and Madagascar, but the stuff in Miami and the Caribbean was just there to fluff up the action and runningtime) pulls itself together when it gets to the titular casino. The character work between Bond and Vesper is better than anything in Skyfall and therefore her loss is more deeply felt. The third act doesn't lose its focus, it zeroes in on Bond and Vesper and works for the best.

Just my opinion.

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