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Default Re: Representation in Marvel

I think the question is wrong.

In a universe where heroes are green, red, orange color is meaningless.
In a universe where heroes go and come to the next galaxy, dimension, reality, nation is meaningless.
In a universe where heroes are immortal, omnipotent, create human level consciences, most human religions are meaningless.

MU earth is a pit stop for all kinds of diversity from all places.
This would need to be further represented by having some super hero tech change everyday life, see regular people wearing costume inspired if not totally costume designs, a bunch of new religions, cults and way of interpreting all this latest alien facts.

For aimed audience issues?
I think Marvel should expand their variety of styles, both graphically and story wise. Non athlete superheroes should have a different body-type, have different ages in look too, something big not happening in new york, outside cultures having actual different culture (food, fashion, laws, beliefs out of this world).

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