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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

HA! For someone who claims not to be a full on Loki Fangirl you sure come up with the shirtless Loki pics awfully fast! Those are hilarious though.

And already the rumors are started on Tumblr and Twitter that we'll have shirtless prison Loki in Thor 2. Zach said "eye candy" not shirtless! Let's not get ahead of ourselves! lol

by the way...

Dear Tumblr,

It is really not necessary to post pictures looking up Tom's nose and inside his mouth. Yes, I know, his nostrils ARE perfectly symmetrical, and no, he DOESN'T appear to have any cavities... but... *sigh*... *shakes head*

Incidentally, Tom really has a baby face going on lately. I am thinking he's oddly enough going to look younger in Thor 2 than he did in Avengers. They certainly had him put on some weight and muscle for Avengers to help dial up the menace, and that probably made him look older. And he looked quite a bit older there than in Thor 1 (certainly more than 1 year older) - partially also I think due to lighting and makeup differences, as well as some weight gain. But now he's certainly leaner than he was in Avengers, and back to being younger looking. Not sure if or how they'd address that at all in the film, but just thought it was interesting. I always liked his Thor look overall better than Avengers anyway.

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