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Default Re: What would you have done differently with Arrow?

I know this is a comic book forum and my opinion probably isn't the same as all of yours (although i do respect them), but I genuinely think people need to seperate the Green Arrow from the comics and "Arrow" from the TV show and then you would see it in a different light. This is a complete reimagining and they have artistic license to adapt it how they want, this is not "Green Arrow" the TV show imho.

For someone that knew little of the green arrow prior to this show, I can honestly say it is the best show on TV, episodes so far between 8/10-10/10. I see why people get upset about character changes etc, but if you can look at it with a fresh pair of eyes, you'll see the show is imaginative, creative, and just generally better than most things on TV right now.

The only thing I'd change would be to speed up some of the soap opera stuff. But having said that, if they're planning to go 5 or more seasons, I can see exactly why it's such a slow burn, because when Tommy Merlyn for example finally does something, we will know exactly why and how, and it will be that much more rewarding for all the build up.

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