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Default Re: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Part 2

Originally Posted by theOVOXO View Post
Im really on the fence on what side Wondy chooses. And if the trailer serves right Batman did say, "If you push that button, 8 million will die." I dont think she'll actally let someone (Supes) do something like that. Wondy has always been the voice of reason among the trinity, why would she discard her wisdom. Although it looks like Bats and Supes are really taking extreme measures, so they might have more than two teams.
The story line of this game seems like it's modeled after the Kingdom Come story line. Wonder Woman sided with Superman there.

Given two equally morally grey choices I think she would naturally side with Superman over Batman. Superman and Wonder Woman have so many similarities that they have to have developed a respect for eachother's way of thinking and formed a deeper bond than other teammates. Superman and Wonder Woman are both outsiders to the world they protect. They both typically approach problems by charging in an "honorable" way and relying on their might while presenting themselves as brightly colored symbols where, in contrast, Batman approaches tactically from the shadows and many times relies in fear and intimidation. While Wonder Woman might respect what Batman can accomplish, I would think this style difference would leave a little bit of a barrier between her and Batman. Additionally, Wonder Woman might have some issues with taking orders from a mortal man as well, even if it is Batman.

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