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Default Re: Rank every comic book film - where do the Spider-Man films fit in?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I've heard that be said about every CBM movie that's considered a classic. Scratch that, I've seen that be said about practically every movie that's considered a classic at one time or another.

I've seen The Godfather be called boring and impossible to sit through. I've seen the Shawshank Redemption be called a snoozer. I've seen Spider-Man 2 be called a soppy dull love story. I've seen the LOTR movies called difficult to watch etc.

Your point is moot. Every classic timeless movie has been subject to what you just said.
While these films are often called boring by people, its usually the general audience, not major film critics, or those who study film. We had this discussion in film classes, where its been argued what makes a movie a "classic." Of course, there is no list of movies set in stone, and its hard to say since the perspective of each viewer is different.

The Dark Knight, IMO, is really overrated. I'm not trying to put the film down (as you can see in my signature, its my second favorite CBM of all time). It will be just as much of a classic as the 1989 Tim Burton Batman film. In the world of Comic Book movies, sure, it will be viewed as one of the best, but speaking of films overall, I highly doubt it.

Anyways, I'm tired of this discussion.

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