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Default Re: Does Bane being a PURELY physical threat hamper him as a villain?

I think the problem lies with the character itself. Bane was basically created as a gimmick and a comic stunt back in the 90's, and his character's peak is breaking Batman's back.

Aside from that, he's pretty much a one note character. Aside from TDKR, he really hasn't had a decent story and certainly isnt anywhere near the complexity of characters such as Joker, Two-Face , Ra's Al Ghul, or Catwoman.

Nolan's version is the best on screen, including animated versions of the character, but even then, Tom Hardy's natural charm and charisma isn't utilized to make the character more than what the comics presented. Ditto with Talia who imo, was less complex then she was in BTAS back in the 90's.

Ultimately the Bane character , imo, doesn't have much going for him. He works as the final villan for the saga thematically but with Bane, there really isn't much there, there.

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