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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

I didn't know this thread was still up.
As far as visuals some scenes in Hulk still blow my mind.
That scene when first comes out of the room under the sprinklers is still amazing to me.
The scene when he first charges towards the tank and when he is leaping in the desert.
It gets a little lost and rushed when it comes to the last fight scene.
The story was a little overthought it seemed as though they tried too hard to tell it.
However if we had not known the comic and had not expectations and this would have been an original concept of first introducing the character itr would had been better recieved.They should have gone with the original concept and left the pychological drama once the character was already introduced.For instance now after Avengers I could see them delving into his phyco drama and what makes him tick.If it came out now it would work because there is some already groundwork done.
Also the idea with the dad becoming that absorbing villian and all was a little hookey.
It went from deep dark seriousness to hookey.
They were better off sticking with the pace they had and had an all out war at the end with the military and robots or somthing like the game.If you want the dad to be the villian have him invent somthing to destroy him or somthing not make him a super villian it was just too much.Hulk could have been drawn out into three movies.
then you could get away with all that.
TIH to me has always looked like a video game and trust me I have tried but it just takes me out of the movie.
The story was okay but it should have been on a higher scale Hulk was weak he only seemed a tad bit stronger then the t.v. version.and you could tell it seemed to be more on a budget.In terms of scale and CGI.
In the end TIH was just...Just.
In everything CGI was Just.....Story was Just.....Acting was Just.....
It was just,JUST.
Thats all a good HBO made for T.V. movie.

Every day is new beggining.

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