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Default Re: Does Bane being a PURELY physical threat hamper him as a villain?

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
Pretty much what we've been saying.
What have you been saying? That the only reason it's disliked is because it didn't meet expectations? What expectations are these? A movie with a strong original story like the previous two movies? That's what I'm talking about about when I said I expected the same of TDKR. A director establishes a level of quality you naturally expect them to continue with it.

But expectations aside, you can get a movie you were not expecting, and love it, or you can get a movie that even exceeds expectations. That happened with me for BB and TDK. Happened with a lot of people actually. TDK blew away most people with it being as good as it was.

With TDKR, I was let down, and not because it didn't deliver what I was expecting, but because what I got was inferior material, rehashed plot points, and generally a lot of lazy uninspired writing.

I would have happily praised a movie that didn't give me what I was expecting, but delivered a great movie nonetheless. But I didn't get that.

TDKR rightfully uses much of what Ra's did, because of the characters' ties to him, and how that ties back to Bruce.
I don't agree. Bruce is not tied to Ra's in order to progress. Just because Ra's trained Bruce does not mean he was needed to progress him for the final movie.

In fact bringing it back to the same foes again trying to destroy the city again with a Wayne Enterprises device was a regression not a progression.

Yes, some basic plot points return, but to dismiss the film as just a rehash, just shows how little screenwriting experience a person has.
You don't have to be a screenwriting expert to see when a movie has repetitive and lazy writing.

I doubt many people could come up with a film this layered that brilliantly uses the elements it takes from Begins to heighten the symmetry between Ra's/Bruce/Bane/Talia. I've heard quite a few ideas for a third film from fans, but have yet to find one that is truly a decent idea for a conclusion. They all just come off as just "another Batman adventure." Which I'm sure we'll get post-Nolan, but definitely didn't want to see from Nolan. I'm sure Nolan could have made something interesting with every villain from Batman's rogue, but that doesn't mean that they're the best character to tell the conclusion of this particular story of Bruce Wayne from a character and cinematic perspective.
What are you trying to prove by saying this? Because some fans on the internet can't write a good movie plot that means we should just be grateful for what we're given?

I don't claim to be a brilliant screen writer. Neither does 90% of the fan base or the audience. Does that mean we should lap up everything we're given with a big smile on our face because we're not qualified or talented enough to write movies ourselves?

That's like saying we should be happy getting served a mediocre meal in a five star restaurant because we're not qualified chefs.

In reading many people's gripes with TDKR and hearing the praise for TDK, it's exactly like DACrowe said, many seem to turn a blind eye to the same kinds of 'issues' that are found in all three movies. But all of TDK's strengths are also present in TDKR, even if sometimes it's not quite as succinctly executed.
I don't see that at all. I see stronger and more organic writing in TDK than I do in TDKR. I see a more original natural story, that feels like a continuation of Batman Begins but at the same time is it's own story doing new things, exploring new themes, developing the characters, and not relying on old plot devices as a crutch like TDKR did.

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