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Default Re: Representation in Marvel

I'm not really a huge fan of making a ethnic minority version of an already popular character. I prefer if they create an orginal superhero identity for them but I understand why they do it.

From a marketing point of view its alot easier to sell a black, asian, hispanic, ect version of a superhero who is well known than to create a brand new character and hope it becomes popular.

I'm all for diversity but I don't think they should force it or do it for shock vaule or as a publicity stunt. It should be natural.

Turning random long established charcters gay without zero mention of it feels a little forced for me.

When your doing it for the wrong reasons you end up creating chracters that are just walking issues with no real identity.

You want characters that happen to be gay, muslim, disabled, ect but that shouldn't only define them as characters. You don't want to be reading a comic in which say Dusk only shows up when a writer wants someone to comment on islam or Northstar only shows up if the storyline involves something gay.

I don't get the Miles Morales hate but then again I don't care about the ultimate universe.

Nick Fury Jr doesn't bother me either. As long as Nick Fury Snr is still running around Marvel 616 I'm happy. Nick Fury Snr hasn't been boss of SHEILD in a while and his son is only a SHEILD field agent so its not like he has replaced him just yet.

There is room for both characters just like there is room for both Wolverine and Daken or Hulk and Skaar
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I'll say this though... there are more black, hispanic, gay, and lesbian characters at Marvel than decently portrayed Protestant Christian characters. I've always wanted to see a character with strong Christian values that I could relate to and there isn't a prominate one to be found. Nightcrawler was the best example, as a Catholic, but he's been dead and gone for a while. Wolfesbane is likely next, also Catholic, but I don't feel like her faith is handled well most times. If there is a religious character with decent portrayal they're usually Catholic or Jewish, neither of which I relate to. If there's a Christian character or story, they're oftentimes portrayed as the bad guy, which is enfuriating.
Wolfsbane is actually a Presbyterian not a Catholic but I think some writers have written her as Catholic because they were not paying attention to the characters history or don't know the difference.

The give away is she was raised by Reverend Craig if she was raised by a Catholic clegyman he would be a priest and thus Father Craig.

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