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Default Re: One Earth: The Marvel/DC RPG

Originally Posted by Byrd Man View Post
Reed twisted and turned his body to avoid the snakes. Most of them passed by harmlessly, but two found their mark in his left arm.

"Ugh," he said in pain. Reed pulled the snakes out of his elastic arm and stared down at the bleeding wounds, his vision began to blur. "This wha you wanted, Vic," he slurred, lurching forward. "Kill me. Show me... Show me you were... right? I was wrong?"

"Right and wrong"
, Doom scoffs as he floats down towards Reed, as the hero slumps down to his knees. Reed's breathing is heavy, raspy as Doom approaches.

"No, this is something much simpler, I'm afraid"
, Doom barks as he grabs Reed by the throat, easily lifting him off of his feet.

"This is retribution, Reed! For this", Victor roars as he reaches to his face with his free hand, tearing away his mask and revealing his scarred visage!

"This is your handiwork, Richards", Von Doom hatefully snarls as he pulls Mr. Fantastic in close, staring him dead in the eyes.
"Let it be the last sight you see as you fade from this world."

"And have no worry", Victor smirks devilishly, "I will take good care of Susan in your absence..."

"Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way."
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