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Default Re: Does Bane being a PURELY physical threat hamper him as a villain?

Originally Posted by Schrute View Post
To those saying TDK and BB also had plot holes that are not being discussed as frequent as TDKR, I believe it is most likely because the plot holes found in TDKR are valid reasons for why some people do not like the film.

I don't think you can find many people who say they don't like TDK because they didn't like how we didn't see how Joker got out of the Penthouse with Batman outside after he just saved Rachel, or how Batman showed up out of no where to stop Harvey when he had one of Jokers men tied up, or how Joker rigged an entire hospital to blow.--Sure, these can viewed as plot holes, but imo, don't ruin the overall experience of the film.

Compare that to the criticism of TDKR:
-with Bruce having a broken back and being able to climb a pit 3 times, return back to Gotham, fight bane again...all after a random guy punched him in the back.
-or how Bruce just shows up in a Gotham under siege with no money or indication of how he got there
-Talia's death scene
-Not really knowing why Bane is doing what he is doing. We know he was ex-communicated, but wants to fulfill Ra's destiny...because? Fan speculation tells us because he wanted to prove he was superior to Bruce, to Ras, because he hated those with power---if most here were asked what was ra's motivation, what was The Joker's motivation, we would get most likely a consistent answer...doesn't seem like it's the same with Bane IMO.

I just believe that some of these plot holes (IMO), that have been discussed on this site at least, are discussed more than TDK because they seem to take away the overall enjoyment of the film.
None of these are "plot holes." Also just because they don't pinpoint exactly a reason (actually they do, it happens to be a protector/bodyguard type love and devotion), they also imply 3 different motivations. So for those just watching casually, they at least define one (even though it's been misinterpreted pretty badly by many fanboys). Having said that, those are all legitimate gripes. Just like Harvey's performance is sometimes way over the top and not believable, or the stiltedness of the acting in the rooftop scene, the bat-voice, the bad one liners during the chase sequence etc. are also legitimate gripes that do not affect the overall quality of the film/writing.

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