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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by axecrazy View Post
Did you even watch Batman 89? Those are basic story differences obvious to anyone who watches the films. I'm talking about the impression Batman makes in Burton's films versus the Nolan Trilogy. Burton Batman gets the job done and his stature increases every time he does, whereas Nolan Batman has the stature of squashed hedgehog. As soon as the Joker appears, the criminals in Nolan's movies stop fearing Batman. His mystique and fear factor evaporates because he is only a construct created by Bruce Wayne to hide behind.
Eh but what do you think Batman is? Of course he is a construct (aren't we all?). In the original origin story he's trying to find a way to fight crime and decides to dress as a bat.

The construct serves it's purpose and becomes a statue at the end of the trilogy, with Bruce Wayne going off somewhere to live happily ever after. Now you may think that's great and all, but that's not the core of Batman. In fact, Nolan's movies don't have Batman in them at all. Just a guy called Bruce Wayne who dresses like a bat. A small distinction that makes all the difference in the world...
You are not familiar with most versions of Batman, so it seems. You only know the modern fanatical vigilante. Originally being Batman was nothing more than a hobby. No patrols every night and ****. You also know what happened to Earth-2 Batman? There is nothing wrong with retiring.

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