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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
i'm not sure where it was said. But it may not be canon, but it's obvious. I don't think the tesseract had an affect on Loki. He's not gunna just "get better through finding himself" he was how he was in the avengers for his own selfish motives
well another recent Tom quote... "Everybody upstairs in space is going to have an opinion on what happened..." is a pretty strong indicator that people will have *different* opinions on all of that, as they have here, so don't be surprised if the topic is discussed by the characters in Thor 2, right or wrong.

And a large part of figuring out plot, as important if not more important to what characters can or can't do and how powerful they are, is figuring out character motivation. Why would a character realistically do something? (as I tried to talk about some in the previous post).

For instance, it has been brought up that the Tesseract is one of the few things that would probably be as powerful as Odin and could keep him out of the picture while Thor possibly takes over as King at least temporarily. But what legitimate reason does Odin have to mess with the Tesseract, and not just lock it away with all of his other dangerous toys? Maybe you can come up with some other reasons, but I do think that if Odin believes he can help Loki by fighting the Tesseract that would give him significant motivation to do so. It would also explain why Loki may seem very distressed and irrational in the beginning (per the Italy clips) but then later be stable enough to help Thor on whatever he needs help with (although still, I'm sure, full of mischief), and would also give Thor realistic motivation for why he might suddenly trust Loki and give him yet another chance. So... character motivation... character motivation... character motivation... You can't just have Thor hand Odin the Tesseract and have him start messing with it for no good reason, among other things that need character motivation to explain the actions (per the above).

And honestly I'm going to be terribly disappointed in Odin if he just locks Loki up and does nothing else to try to help him back onto a better path. He may not be his blood but he had Loki as a son almost as long as he had Thor, and he appeared to have cared for Loki, and mourned when he "died". I guarantee they will not be ignoring that relationship in Thor 2, it was too big a part of the first film, and too big a conflict to not resolve. It would be pretty outrageous to ignore it completely.

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