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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

another lovely fan experience with Tom (even when dealing with really horrible online autograph sellers...)

Originally Posted by Silvermoon View Post
One thing to remember is that, as recently as August (I think) he was filming a vampire film. It's possible that film/character he was playing is the reason why he dropped in weight/mass and then just didn't have time to build it back up for Thor 2 due to how close the filming schedules were (and/or he might be hesitant to put it back on if he's still needed for pick up shots on Only Lovers Left Alive). As a result perhaps Taylor decided the leaner look would look fine for the purposes of the story. I don't know... it would be nice to see some set photos though of him to see if they are playing up his leaner look or if they'll mask it with the costuming.
that's right was actually skinnier than he is now at the beginning of filming. so yeah, it'll be interesting if they bulk him up with costume or have another explanation. Hm..

And sharing adorable frost giant baby Loki, just because it pleases me... and I want to pinch his chubby little blue cheeks.

How could Odin possibly resist him?!

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